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FKC has extensive experience in high-tech residential & commercial security systems, with some concepts carried through to patent issue and production. Expert in Passive Infrared (PIR) motion sensors, low power, wireless sensor design. Other areas of expertise are proposal preparation, analog & digital circuit & system design, low powered & wireless circuitry, security and instrumentation sensors. We supply military & high volume commercial electronic product design and hardware, firmware and software development. Extensive background in digital design enhanced with a wide range of all around in-depth, practical, hands-on experience in many disciplines.

Specialist in the design of security sensors, especially passive infrared, PIR,  motion sensors and motion detectors. Skilled in the development of filter amplifier circuitry for motion sensors to enhance and expand the bandwidth to improve detection capability and have robust noise immunity. Additionally skilled in the development of temperature and acoustic sensing products.

Expert in digital state machine design and implementation with programmable logic devices and arrays. Proficient in vendor liaison, specification of complex electronic subsystems, custom integrated and hybrid circuit acquisition. Skilled in writing winning technical proposals that have resulted in obtaining new business in a highly competitive environment. Expert in PC applications, publishing, installations and skilled in the use of a wide range of programs and utilities.

Consulted for many years on a wide range of technical problems ranging from EMI abatement, phase lock loop development, POS scanner, new business adviser, computer game technology, security systems, video processing and wireless remote controls. Extensive experience in conversion circuitry, Digital Signal Processing, embedded microprocessor design, display generation, sonar circuitry, spectral analysis, database development, assembly, higher level language programming, firmware development and a broad field of electronic and electro-optical and electro-mechanical projects. Mr. Katz has a BEE (BSEE) degree from the City College of NY and over 44 years of Engineering experience.

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