Long Island and New York





(Allied Signal Corp.)

Teeterboro, NJ

Debugged automatic module test equipment and individual circuit card test equipment for F-14 aircraft.

Ajax Business Machines

Plainview, NY

Designed cost-saving, solid state circuit to replace expensive and malfunctioning electromechanical components for an office time/date stamp machine product.

General Applied Science Labs
( Marquadt Corporation)

Westbury, NY

Developed highly accurate/precise linear measurement equipment using laser optics and mechanical instrumentation for DOT High Speed Linear Induction Motor train test track located in Pueblo, Colorado.

Associated Nucleonics
(Stone & Webster Engineering)

Garden City, NY

Performed preliminary nuclear power plant electrical design. Worked on an electronic door-safety interlock design for the first nuclear food irradiation plant in Natic, MA.

Computer Data Access Inventory Computer Mfg.

Riveredge, NJ

Designed Phase-Locked-Loop circuitry for customer in order to double the storage density of an early floppy disk drive controller for retail inventory control computer system.

Diagnostic Video Systems

Smithtown, NY

Designed video image stabilization electronics. Developed special purpose custom electronics for security customers.

Kamalog Corporation

Hauppauge, NY

Consultant for multiple corporations.

Devillo Sloan School(Syracuse, NY BOCES)

Syracuse, NY

Designed and developed an RF remote control link to energize a solenoid for remote Access Control.

Fondiller Associates

New York, NY

Debugged digital  and analog circuitry for a pharmaceutical label bar code scanner,

Neil J. Abelson, Esquire

Pt Jefferson, NY

Wrote technical contract for firmware development project

Trammel Tool Company

Kings Park, NY

Solved extremely severe EMI radiation problem in tool design plant by designing an EMF remediation plan. Results were excellent allowing client to retain manufacturing location.

Lockheed Martin Corporation

Fairchild Camera

Loral Corporation

Syosset, NY

Reverse engineered and developed a block diagram for a complex 256 Megapixel camera system reconnaissance system. Found design errors on a temperature monitoring system and inspired the design for an improved version which was funded by the Navy. Generated a complete specification used on a winning proposal for a reconnaissance system for the F-18 aircraft.

US Energy Group, Inc.   Heating Systems Control Mfg.

Fresh Meadows, NY

Was responsible for taking a fuel quantity measurement system, based on sonar echoes, through a testing laboratory for ETLİ certification. FKC electronically and mechanically redesigned the product in order to be in compliance with Underwriter Laboratory’s requirements. Did the mechanical packaging design and created the assembly and manufacturing drawings. Performed liaison function with the testing laboratory.

Psychologist                          EEG Specialist New York, NY Solved an electromagnetic interference problem that corrupted data captured from an electro-encephalogram instrument. Solution involved various RFI abatement techniques including shielding and filtering.
Michael Womack                     Artist
Pratt Institute
Brooklyn, NY Developed electronics for a mechanical television inspired artwork. Built synchronization circuitry, video capture and LED drive circuitry as well as phase locked motor controller. Installed and calibrated product at art gallery in New York City.
US Energy, Inc. Fresh Meadows, NY Assisted in the development of an Acoustic Tank Measurement product for gauging fuel tank content measurement. Responsible for taking a boiler control and temperature measurement system for ETLİ certification.
Encilium                                    (Div of Osram) Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada Assisting lighting control company in the development of an occupancy sensor using PIR Motion Sensor technology.
Lab Aids, Inc.                        (High School Science Kit Mfg.) Bohemia, NY Consultant to client who is using out of the house manufacturing for an electrical laboratory product. Liaison with manufacturing facility, value engineering and general production troubleshooting for manufacturing. Assistance with test, test equipment, quality control and design verification. Designed and developed new products for high school chemistry lab.
Cascade Water Services

(Water Processing)

Hicksville, NY Prepared patent submission data and liaison between Client and Patent Attorney. Assisting in bringing the product to market and investigating UL certification. Developing Water Purification products.
PACE Electronics Sodus, NY Developed specifications for an occupancy sensor product.
Heartland Robotics      (Machine Tool & Robotics Mfg) Cambridge, Massachusetts Investigate sensor scheme to protect area around an automatic machine tool. Created written report with over 25 different sensing schemes.
Private Homeowner

EMF Remediation

Laguna Niguel, CA

Newport Heights, CA

Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Performed EMF remediation design for three residences, including plans for shielding, wiring, selection of devices and appliances, building components and analysis of effects of radiating structures in local vicinity.
LSI Computer Systems, Inc. (LSI/CSI)  Melville, NY Prepared patent information for new products. Developed custom ASIC circuitry. Acted as Staff Consultant. Assisted in PIR and Occupancy Sensing product development.
Alarm.Com Vienna, VA Provided consultation to a PIR Motion Sensor manufacturer that increased the battery life in their product by a factor of 10. Developed custom ASIC to achieve this power savings.
Owen Electric Company, Inc St Augustine, FL Assisted in the development of Intellectual Property. Researched existing patents and occupancy sensor products on the market. Drafted preliminary patent submission information.
PixZ Effects LLC Sauk Centre, MN Consulted on Motion Sensors for LED display show. Helped with lens selection and customization and product selection.
Sentek Electronics Co, Ltd Ningbo City, China Developed a specification for a Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor product.
Donald Wheeler, Esq.           Liability Attorney Center, TX Instructed an attorney on the science of human-sensing around dangerous machinery.The attorney's client received a very large negligence  claim settlement as a result of the imparted knowledge to the attorney.
Apogee Lighting Holdings,LLC Deer Park, NY Assisted in the invention and patent preparation for a lighting manufacturer.
SimpliSafe Boston, MA Trained staff in the art of PIR Motion Sensor Design. Improved Product.
Crestron Electronics Rockleigh, NJ Analzyed Occupancy Sensor product and assisted redesign.
Lab-Aids, Inc. Ronkonkoma, NY Designed and developed Light Station high-school science kit.

Long Island, New York based electrical and electronics consultant serving New York, United States and International clients. Specialist in the design and development of PIR Motion Sensor and PIR Occupancy Sensor products.  Consulted in a wide area of electronic disciplines. Consultant for bringing designs and products up to and through manufacturing.


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