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PATENT CITATIONS FOR FRED KATZ  (These are from other inventors that cited previous art of Fred Katz)

PATENTS GRANTED TO FRED KATZ  (These are inventions, listed below, where Fred Katz is inventor or co-inventor):


    Single Technology Micro-Motion Occupancy Sensor System

    Multi-Mode Passive Infrared Occupancy Sensor System for Energy Saving    Application


    Tamper Detection Mechanism for Blind Insertion of Circular Sensor
    Minimal Component High Voltage Current Limited AC Dimmable LED Driver  
    Multi-functional lighting fixture
    Power cable micro-junction box for a strip light array

   Dual-technology intrusion detector with pet immunity


   Touch Screen Device for Controlling a Security System


   Wireless light sensor input to a security system

   One Button, Multi-Function Keyfob   

   Method and system for the sound triggered disarming of a security system
   Multi-functional lighting fixture 2
    Dimming Circuit with reference control - 1

   Dimming Circuit with reference control - 2





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