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Motion Sensor Consultant

FKC offers expert consulting in the development of High Security PIR Motion Sensors. Mr. Katz has been involved in the design and development of over 15 individual high security motion sensor products. One of his specialties is physical layout to allow for high sensor gain in the presence of ambient electromagnetic noise. Proper layout minimizes the antenna effect of longer lead lengths. In addition, Mr. Katz has extensive experience in noise suppression capacitor placement and selection, which stops noise effects in their tracks.

Mr. Katz has extensive experience in modeling and simulation of the bandwidth of the pyroelectric detector and associated circuitry in order to establish a wideband design. A wideband design offers the capability of having the same sensitivity over a wide range of target (intruder) speeds. This permits setting a precision threshold that optimizes 'catch' and offer best immunity to all forms of noise. 

Mr. Katz has extensive experience in developing test plans used to evaluate motion sensing products. Some of these tests are white light tests, temperature tests, pyroelectric sensor tests, electromagnetic interference tests, walk tests, pet immunity tests and other types of performance tests.

In addition, Mr. Katz has worked in the extension of the development of Pet Immunity technology. Fifteen years ago Mr. Katz developed the detection algorithms for the 'Ademco Quest 2235' which was a dual technology, infrared and doppler microwave detection sensor. The algorithm and variations of the algorithm was patented in February of 2001. This product was sold as a 100 pound pet immune motion sensor. After sales of over 2 million units, there were no product problems with false alarms due to pets. In addition, this pet immune unit was able to detect small human targets while they were crawling and wearing a hooded clothing. Mr. Katz worked on conversion of existing products for pet immunity applications and tested competitor units under varied conditions for pet immunity.

Mr. Katz has participated in Fresnel lens development, lens test and evaluation and development of a lens simulation program.


Long Island, New York based electrical and electronics consultant serving New York, United States and International clients. Specialist in the design and development of PIR Motion Sensor and PIR Occupancy Sensor products. Consultant for bringing designs and products to  and through manufacturing.


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