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Developed embedded microcomputer (MCU) and microprocessor (MPU) circuitry. Worked with Motorola 6800, 6809, RCA CD1302, Intel 80186/80286/80860, TI MSP430F, etc.  Designed digital controls for power switching electronics. Designed and developed PROM Programmer. FPGA, PLD,  FPLA and complex state machine designs. Developed communication controls demo unit for commercial aircraft radio operation.  Supervised development of a custom LSI ASIC circuit and liaison to the silicon designer/foundry. Organized microprocessor training courses. Developed STANAG 4156 serial Interface, Manchester (1553) Multiplex Interface and EIA-RS-232 serial data bus interfaces. Developed 160 MHZ ECL pre-scaler (in 1967) for Phase Lock Loop circuitry. Designed data interface buffer for VAST automatic test system. Devised complex parallel time multiplexed bus to streamline pipeline processing. Designed controls for a wireless RF remote control link for illumination control system. Developed a statistical noise measurement modeling and analysis strategy. Designed display electronics for communications controls that operated multiple radio transceivers on a dual redundant CRT display panel.

Experienced in the design of A/D, D/A, Digital Signal Processing, State Machines and other forms of digital processing and control circuitry.



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