Long Island and New York


Designed a sub-nanosecond pulse amplifier. Participated in the development of an 800 MHZ A/D converter. Developed Phase Lock Loop circuitry for a high density Floppy Disk Controller. Built a solid-state acoustic data recorder. Developed low noise acoustic amplifier circuitry. Investigated perceptual effects of quantizing/sampling parameters on digitized music. Project Engineer for a 15 channel multiplexed stereo entertainment system using ASIC technology used in Commercial Aircraft. Developed Video Sync restoration circuitry. Worked on high-speed Analog to Digital (A/D) Conversion and Instrumentation circuitry. Developed Digital/Synchro & Synchro/Digital Converters. Conducted circuit input and simulations using MULTISIM, ORCAD & PSPICE using captured waveforms. Familiar with designs utilizing Pyroelectric Detectors. Expert in the development of extremely low-powered, high gain sensing circuitry. Proficient in design of circuits that have a high degree of immunity to RFI, with low spurious emissions. Expert in EMI suppression techniques and interference surveys with regards to both emission and susceptibility. Very experienced in modeling analog circuits, especially filter and pre-emphasis circuitry and optimizing the design for excellent response.



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